Emerald Project in Muzo – ISAM Emerald | ISAM Holding
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Emerald Project in Muzo – ISAM Emerald

Emerald Project in Muzo – ISAM Emerald

ISAM Holding has signed an agreement for developing one of the most important Emeralds regions in Muzo, Colombia.

The Concession is located in the west of Emerald Belt, Emerald Muzo District. Colombia is considerate as a richest emerald “hot point “. The area is known worldwide as one of the richest emerald areas due to their high quality and size.

It has been estimated that the grade of the emerald bearing rock is about 1 carat for every 15 cubic meters of rock, assuming 8M m3 of rock at the concession, the estimate reserves are more than 500,000 carats.

ISAM Holding enters into the market of precious stones, positioning the company along with its other diamond concessions, and now with the emeralds projects, in the highest and best quality emeralds area in the world.