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ISAM holding

We are an experienced team with a good understanding of mining

ISAM Holding is a Spanish mining company, belongs to the two Spanish family Groups Álvarez & Sánchez, owner of a series of high quality concessions of precious metals, strategic industrial minerals and gemstones such as gold, platinum, tantalum, diamond and emerald, which are mainly located in Guinea Conakry and Colombia.

Group overview

Our companies expand borders

ISAM Europa SL is the Spanish controlling company of all ISAM group mining assets and concessions in Colombia and Guinea Conakry.

In Colombia, two Spanish controlling companies – ISAM Emerald SL and ISAM Green Resources SL, two Colombian companies – ISAM Colombia SAS and Green Bright Resources SAS – hold emerald concessions.



It is a Colombian company,100% owned by ISAM Europa, which owns the remaining type of mining assets and concessions and is in charge of ISAM group ́s daily business operation in Colombia.

In Guinea Conakry, ISAM Guinea SARL holds all ISAM group ́s gold and diamond concessions in the country, which are owned by two local companies Afrikaness SARL and Conguipmar SARL.