ISAM holding. Care the world, a growing value
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We have a treasure, we have a purpose, we have a reality

ISAM holding presents a solid corporation with high capacity and continuous growth with over 50 companies with more than 20,000 hectares of emeralds 1,500 hectares of diamonds and 15,000 hectares of gold distributed over more than 50 licenses located in Colombia and Guinea Conakry.

ISAM Colombia

One of the most well known and studied deposits is that of Muzo, located 100 km from the north of Bogota; another two important mineralization Coscuez and Peñas Blancas.

ISAM Guinea

Our gold concession is 750 km away from the capital of Guinea, Conakry. It has an area of 51 km2, located in the Mandiana prefecture in the Republic of Guinea.

CSR Projects

It is key element to build sustainable peace and prosperity in Colombia, as it contributes directly to reducing social inequality by providing decent work and wages.